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Our goal across all platforms is to improve life and health-span through research and community effort. 

Smart Monkey Youtube Channel (Latest research and discussions)
Smart Monkey Health & Prevention FB Group (Latest research and discussions)
Smart Monkey TikTok Page (Short health tips in video form)
UBIQML & Smart Monkey Instagram (Health Pictograms)
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Mission Statement Brain Dump (why, who & how)

Free Awareness & Posture Correction Program: (use your webcam to nanny you)

Stuff we personally use and recommend:
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LyteShow Electrolytes (Rehydration)
Magnesium Malate Powder (Morning)
Magnesium Glycinate (Evening)
D3+K2 Combo (With meal)
Berberine (Before meal)

Lyme Prevention:
Permethrin Spray (Apply to clothes)
Tick Remover Tool (Twist & Pull)
Healing Lyme by S. Buhner (Best book on the subject)

Gymnastic Rings (Save your tendons)
Black Toe Separators (Restore foot function)
Xero Speed Force Shoes (Best minimalist shoes as of 2021)


Other resources on longevity:

Peter’s Attia Drive (Clinical view on aging)
FoundMyFitness by Rhonda Patrick (Scientific view on aging)
SENS Research Foundation (Aging Research)
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